seems like there is two winner. will see to it soon. not so soon. but a promise is a promise.

disney princes

when you were young, watching disney cartoons. to hell with the princesses, yall were fantasizing about the prince isnt it? hehee......

see you all in may


the moment we all been waiting for! ALL COCKS you see below is from malaysian dudes! malaysian PRIDE! yay~~~

moment arrive. no need to say more because no one is gonna read anyway, eyes straight go towards the cock pics! 

enjoy all TEN of them! in no particular order






 ok relax.............BREATH INNNNNN
BREATH OUTTTTTT.........................






vote which is ur favourite down below. should be a poll down there.

Hope that you all enjoyed this and i thank ALL my contributors whom all i have personally spoken to via the interwebs. 



2011 prediction


good bye taylor lautner!

say hello to BOOBOO STEWART. (yo he aint no boo boo yo. ITS BOOBOO. aint no space between the boos just like theres no distance between him and you baby *heartthrob wink* *fangirls/boys squellllllll*)
thats right kittens, hold on to ur wet boxers/briefs/panties whichever you prefer.....

he might, ahhh screw it, HE IS GOING TO BE the next heartthrob coming from the twilight series. currently he potrays Seth Clearwater. twihards out there should know that he is one of the werewolves.

He's an actor.
He's a singer-songwriter.
He's a dancer.
He's a model.
He's a stunt double.
He's a martial artist.
He's a film producer.
He's part Japanese.
He's part Chinese.
He's part Korean.
He's part Native American.
He's part Russian.
He's part Scottish.
He's 16.

need i say more? just go wiki him if u are interested to know more. ah heck. heres the WIKI LINK.
no straight man should ever look into bbfine's eyes cause they will make you gay.

here, enjoy booboo in all his glory. i'll tap that anyday..mmmmmm......

remember kittens, he is ONLY 16 so yall better keep them fantasies clean! haha

*fanboy squeal*

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