my first encounter

to be honest?

i have never had sex and i am 21

well unless u count hand jobs and bj as sex?
my first sexual experience with another man is very mild. nothing much. just wanking lol.

i was 15. i just randomly went yahoo messenger groups and found a guy. no idea how he looked like. its just very simple. lets meet up
and so we did in KLCC.
he showed up, thankfully he was good looking, handsome if u must. well build. a swimmer he said. and he looks the part.
then we proceeded to eat in a bakery next to isetan.
he paid for my coca cola lol.

he had a girl friend yo, my little kittens. ( i am gonna refer to all the readers as kittens hehe.....)
i knew cause he told me and never to sms him or message him in ym at night cause the girlfriend will be around. lol

ok. anyway, he walked me to the mandarin oriental hotel next to klcc. we went to the hotel's toilet. lol swanky. at least its not some dirty old toilet. ie subang parade? hahaha just kidding tuls

then we went into the last cubicle. at first we just stood there. i was looking at him and he looked at me. didnt know what to do and i think its his first time also? he is curious lol.

i didnt dare to talk so i took out my hp and silly me, i typed, :"lets take off our pants" hahaha!
before i can show it to him, he already cupped his hands on my dicky area. lol. i was hard instantly. and i can see that he is too. he came from work so he was wearing them slackers. soft fabric. and can see the outline of his dick.

then he took off my pants and he quickly rushed to took his off too but i stopped him. i want to be the one to take off his pants. so i slowly undid his belt, and slowwwwwly pull down his zip. leaving his underwear. white underwear. and let me tell you, it was so hot. i pulled the underwear down and it sprug up like those porn vids. he was so hard and so was i.

he sat on the toilet. and i stood in front of him. he proceed to rub my cock up and down. he took my underwear and smell it while doing so. lol.....i guess its his "thing"? his fetish.
then he took my balls into his mouth. mind u i am one hairless boy. lol no hair on the balls. so i guess its nice for him! lol

he is more like my gor gor rather than uncle. hahah.....a fantasy of mine. :) i am so lucky

then he kinda hesitated but then eventually took my whole dick in into his mouth. it was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. my first bj.

i dont know whether its good anot cause i have nothing to compare with.

oh and that is my one and only experience. i never went out with anyone anymore after that.

after that, he stood up. went and stood behind me, and wank me from behind. his grip was firm but gentle at the same time. another hand of his is rubbing below my balls area. omg when i was about to cum, he slided his dock in between my legs. rubbing that area beneath my balls. i never cummed that good before. seriously. kittens out there, if u have a partner, try this, whenever u are about to cum ask them to rub the area between our lovehole and ball sack. hahaha

i cum.
i came so hard.

then he humped me. dick in between my legs and he cummed too. all over my balls.

he kneeled down and clean it up for me. with tissue la not lick. hahahaha

he treated me like a little brother. took care of me. haha.

after that  we got dressed and he gave me a hug. no kiss nothing and we parted our ways.

i neither have seen him nor attempted to contact him after that. he did but i didnt response. i dunno why. maybe i was young and i felt guilty.

so ther you go kittens!
my first sexual encounter.

so when was your first and what did you do??


Takashi said...

nice :P

thoughtful guy hehehe...

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