oh man....i have an AWESOME post for you all today!

first and foremost, this is not gonna be one of those porn video blogs   ( unfortunately:) )
just that i stumble upon this vid and i have never ever been so turn on (and cum as hard.....) before by a clip thats less than a minute long.

so hot i just have to share!

some might seen it before but hey! no harm done watching over and over and over and over again. haha......

so far, no contestant for my competition yet. :( i think its gonna be a flop.
THEREFORE, i hereby post this video in attempt to turn you guys on and possibly get some entries? 
anyways, enjoy this video of this impossibly hot KOREAN?i would like to think so. and prepare to be held spellbound by his KIMCHI-HOTNESS!

 you will be shocked at the first few seconds. SHOCKED THAT HOW HANDSOME HE IS.


NOW send in some pics of that hard thingamajic you are rubbing in your pants! hehehe


simonlover said...

Whoa..Very handsome guy indeed! His face is too cute to have that kinda bod. He shud hv opt for a leaner, toned bod instead of being too buffed! Hehe

Takashi said...

hahaaha :p

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