PROject NOEL'10

ok here goes.............

we are gonna have a competition! whoever wins by votes from the readers, will get RM1OO from me! like seriously. i know rm100 is not a lot but hey, money is money! and some more money from no where. hehe...i am a student la.....sorry cant give more :)

think about it.
1) OF COURSE its anonymously la.
2) send ur best dick pic to anytime before christmas.
3) pics will be posted up on the same day you send here.
4) there will be a poll at the side and you all can vote!

very simple.
its quite naughty, snapping pics of your HARD THROBBING DICK  and showing it to the whole world!
of course I AM GOING TO POST UP mine too. but i'll mix it between post if not sure know la the first one is mine :)

i have a feeling you all are shy! COME ON!
its not that hard to make it hard(teehee) and take a pic, or 2 or 3.......depends. you like la. from any position. but PLEASE NO FACE PIC PLEASE (no matter how open and OUT you are). i dont want to get into trouble and cause drama drama all.

dont worry, NO EMAILS or any information will be given out. you have my word. take a leap of faith! this is all just for fun. no hidden agenda!

its not porn but hey, it works about the same way.

enjoy the hotness and GET YOUR HANDS IN YOUR PANTS YO! :D

hope to get some feedback from you all soon!


Takashi said...

u are asking pluboy to participate?

thelostboy2010 said...

YES PLEASE. but will definately only post up when i get more than one? cause it be too obvious. haha...
but i get a feeling that you dont mind at all. :)

Takashi said...

LOL... obvious? who would know except the receipient and the owner of this blog?

Whakakakaa... don't so fast to judge pluboy :p

Anonymous said...

urmmm...maybe, i will join. is there any requirement (i mean dick size...orientation...or etc)

thelostboy2010 said...

hey syed!
Nope, no requirements. Nothing strict its just for the fun of it!
I think we all would like some variety:)

Looking forward to it!

presa1200 said...

how to participate leh, malay n indian guys got big big cock one...

Anonymous said...

this sounds very interesting! I'm sure everyone will vote for the biggest cock =(

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