START- WELCOME TO hands in your pants yo!

I didnt want to start a blog.

1) i have no time.
2) i have commitment issues.
3) i have no life = no content


I need to blog because
1) i have a lot of things on my mind. most of it nawties stuffies. :)
2) nawties idea i wanna share with the msian gay bloggers and readers?
3) i am a n avid reader of them gay bloggies. i wanna do one also!

so i did.

uhmm... honest opinions about the few gay blogs i read ok?
i enjoy pluboy's blog. very real....? stimulating. not explicit enough tho...
iwasaslut is good too. but i am worried for him :)
fox keeps it short. me thinks he is into grooming. possibly the hottest one among all.
simonlover ahh......the malaysian grindr post was my favourite.
asianboyhaven is nice but why is he putting up straight porn lately? and that animated porn phase....what the???

i only started reading these blogs few months ago.

ok first post should be mild.
i have so many ideas and stuff to do in this blog. hehe...
tomorrow i will tell yall bout a competition i am gonna have here. hehe.
involves ur pee pee tho :)

its a bit naughty but i think its gonna be fun.

i hope i dont scare all of you away. stay tune!

till then....:


Takashi said...

haha my blog is read by semua lapisan masyarakat.. from corporate figures to politicians to business owners, gay associations, colleagues to friends to animals...

;) so have to be really careful of what i write la.. hahahaha...

simonlover said...

Unfortunately my grindr post stirred unnecessary controversies ler...

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